progressive ambient folk-rock

Official website for songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, Dave Berger.

      Rooted in Upstate New York, Dave draws inspiration from a plethora of musical influence that produces a truly diverse and tasty output of sound.
     Dave holds two degrees in Recording and Jazz Studies, which he is putting to use as a performer, writer, and private instructor.
He spends much of his time writing ambient-folk music under a project named willow|speak. the project is aimed to be a series of concept albums with literature accompanying the music.


Darrian Amaker

     Over the years, Dave has performed, toured, and recorded with groups of many genres performing regionally and nationally at venues such as The Knitting Factory, and festivals like SXSW and CMJ. he has also performed for several months at a time on cruise ships out of australia as a duo and solo act.

Various projects he has performed with include: Joywave (2013-2014), Dave & Marissa (2008-2013),  SLUGS (2015), and Upstate Rubdown (2016). 

 Always up for the next interesting opportunity, Dave is available for an endless possibility of projects. 

Took advantage of a beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles to shoot a couple videos. Thanks to Mike Pan (what a guy) from the band Transviolet (http://www.transviolet.com) for recording and editing! http://www.davebergersounds.com http://www.facebook.com/davebergersounds